Bike trips

Bike trips

Sulina surrounded

It’s a trip that doesn’t need much endurance,  just 13 km of biking. We keep the beach route, and before the bridge we go on the Sfantul Gheorghe route.

When we arrive at the second bridge, we don’t cross, we go ahead on the dam, on the left side of the channel, until the end, at the 2nd mile. The trip is spectacular in spring, when between the dam and the city the channels and swamps are full of water and there are a lot of birds that remind us that even though it is very close to the city, we are still biking the Danube Delta.

Passing by the small forest, where we find yellow waterlilies, and all along the channel, in the summer there are big white waterlilies.

The rest of the trip we go downstream near the Sulina Channel, passing near the water tower, then on the seawall we arrive in center of the city, where we can drink a cool beer or juice, and finish the trip on the camp, in the same place where we started.

Biking the Letea forest

One day trip, medium level endurance, 45 km on country route, usually windy, a day full of experiences.

We visit the Letea Forest with its old oaks, the lianas, the sand dunes and, if we are lucky, we can see wild horses.

In the spring time and also early in summer, on the swamp around this area there are lots of water birds and on the channel in the neighbourhood big white water lilies.

We can also book lunch which will be a traditional fish meal cooked and served from the local people.  We can use it to achieve the energy to return to Sulina.

Casla Vadanei Biking trip

A 42 km trip towards Sfantul Gheorghe, on a rocky route, along the channel. Will be a little bit annoying for our wrists and bottom because of the rutty road, but it isn’t boring.

Crossing the two overflows, which we find full of water untill July, with the water birds who use it for finding food easily.

After the first half of our journey we arrive on the beach, near the abandoned military picket named Casla Vadanei.

We take a well deserved break, eat our lunch, take a refreshing dip and a little rest, then prepare to return. We can go back on the shore. There will be a few parts where we push our bikes, but the view deserves every  drop of tiredness.

Sfantul Gheorghe trip

It is the continuation of Casla Vadanei trip to Sfantul Gheorghe, a 70 km tour, better transformed in a two day trip, because there is a lot of great stuff to visit in Sfantul Gheorghe. We can rent a boat to see the Sacalin Lagoon and the channel around it, a real Danube Delta area.

We can camp with the tents on the beach, on the local camping or in the locals’ houses. We return on the same route or on the shore, we choose on the spot.