Teambuilding or simple competitions

Teambuilding or simple competitions

What can be better than teambuilding? A Danube Delta teambuilding! And better than an ordinary Danube Delta teambuilding? A Danube Delta teambuilding organised by the Sulina fabuloasa team! It is made for groups of 10 people or less.
There are 5 competitions we can organise, remaining for you to choose which one of them suits the team the best, or, you can choose more so everyone can enjoy the experience.

1. The “Great photographer” round. We are going with the kayaks and the points are given for the different bird species photographed. The clarity isn’t important as long as we can identify the bird. Points are given just for a single bird, not a whole bevy.

2. The “Great artist” round. Everybody chooses between: kayak, bike, on foot. The time is 3 hours: one for drawing the bird. Points are given for the identified bird by the jury, the photo is just for proving the bird was seen.

3. The “Great detective” round. There are 6-8 photos with places in Sulina, presented by me to both teams and a time limit. The photos are memorised visually. Proof of finding the place is a photo made by the team.

4.The “Great fisherman” round. The teams are given 3 types of fishing rods, the same type of bait. The teams have a total time of 3-6 hours to fish. Points are given for the number of different species of fish caught. The round is ended with a fish sour soup with a bonfire.

5. The “Great athlete” round. It is a baton round. The teams will compete with each other in 4 rounds: running, swimming, kayaking and biking. We’ll fix the details according to the participants’ fettle, so the whole experience can be fun.