Walking trips

Walking trips

Wild beach tour

Wild beach tour is a 11 km trip, walking along the wilderness coast of the Black Sea.

After a short halt at the cemetery, where we discover the legend of the famous grave of the greek pirate, the princess Ecaterina Moruzi, a local Romeo and Juliet, keep the beach route untill arriving to the shore, where we keep walking from the north to the rocky dam of Sulina channel.

On the shore we meet a lot of birds and plants of this specifical habitat of Danube Delta.

Sulina surrounded

Half on the wild, on the dam nearly Busurca channel, on the south of the town untill mila 2, then on the Dam street, very close to the water tower, continuing on the center of the town.

On the wilderness we will see some birds, especially in spring,  white and yellow water lilies in the summer, and a small forest.

In the city part we can visit the “Old Sulina exposition”  and discover the legend of the famous pirate grave, the princess Ecaterina Moruzi, a local Romeo and Juliet visiting the cosmopolitan cemetery.

The trip is ending in the center of the town, between the terraces, where we can drink a cool beer or a juice.