Live like a Local

Live like a Local

Location: Sulina

There are a lot of people who accompanied us on one of our adventure tours, were impressed by it and asked for more. ‘Live like a local’ is a package that we created for people who want more Romania, and in a different way, not just a 1 to 7-day marathon trip.

It is an authentic experience, includes renting a simple kind of traditional cottage, a caravan or tent and live like a local. You will receive general info, like ‘house rules’, useful tips, self guided tour proposals, other things to do, where you can shop, as well as a local guide/host’s phone number who can help you with all kind of any other information or help you need.

In Sulina, in the Danube Delta on the Black Sea coast, there are the following accommodations available:
a small casuta (local ‘tiny house’) and a big caravan with a traditional reed shelter and a wood terrace. There is also a wooden 1-room house (with a shower and a compost toilet inside) for 2 persons, a big family or even a glamping tent.
Your hosts are Calin, kayaking and wildelife guide
and Janine, bike-tour guide, Feldenkrais Practitioner & Sounder Sleep trainer.

easy (to challenging)

10, 20 or 30 days


on demand, depending on length of stay and number of persons!


Daily life with all it entails here: sand, reeds, water and more water, animals, humans…


You need to bring the Danube Delta permit, adequate clothes and shoes for all sorts of adventures, sun screen, long sleeves and pants, rain gear, bug spray, head lamp, waterproof bag…
Optional: Camera, binoculars, other instruments you fancy…

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