Long trips

Long trips


Magic Lagoon trip

We start our kayaking trip along the beach, sharing the wild shore with hundreds of birds.

In this trip rambling some of the out way channel of Danube Delta. Because it is a 20 km long trip, we take some breaks, for hydration, for rest, for lunch and for refreshing dip.

Depends on the water level, there can be a couple of places where we need to put the kayaks out, to be moved from a channel in other.

It is the most complex trip, being also a photo trip which gives a huge opportunity to the bird watchers, passing very close to the pelicans and swans colonies.

We return home on a large channel, and finish the journey on the bridge near the beach.

Prospect trip

It is the continuation of Musura Bay trip. We are moving the kayaks over the Letea route, and after 500 meters down stream we go on the left side and keep going on this little channel behind the Prospect district.

This channel of Danube Delta is a good example of  wilderness at the boundary of the town.  The channel is passing behind the people’s courtyards, a lot of them abandoned, belonging to a neighbourhood full of life some years ago. It’s a wild channel with a lot of natural obstacles, a bushy jungle very hard to pass.

We flow into the Sulina Channel at the 3rd mile, from where we float home, after crossing an open bay, a small and wild channel and, at the end, the way the big ships get to arrive in the Black Sea.