Parâng The White Experience -VJ2-

Parâng The White Experience -VJ2-


easy to challenging


active people interested in outdoors adventures, wildlife, photography and culture.


Petroşani - Parâng Mountains

DAY 1. We meet in Petrosani and will decide on the details of the tours, you can learn about Jiu Valley from our locals or walk into town to get supplies, then we settle in…

DAY 2. Depending on your taste, acclimatization with Snowshoeing or Touring in the wilderness on some unbeaten paths, afterwards to get warm we will taste probably the best boiled wine in town while chill along with some good music, before starting the bonfire. Here you can grill your own food or taste some home made specialities.

DAY 3. We wake up early and hit the slope, this day is about high altitude, depending on your fitness level we will hike between 2000 and 2519 meters. The Famous Goulasch soup will wait for your on your return!

Accommodation is included and will be available at a traditional mountain hut.

We love to create tours according to your very personal wishes, e.g. exclusivity, you with a private guide; on special routes; with individual combinations.
Tell us what you want and we will make it happen!

This is not available for Christmas or New Years Eve.

easy to challenging

3 Days, 2 Nights.


2-6 persons 120€/person
7-10 persons 105€/person.


And for the lucky ones, animal watching: rabbits, foxes, deer, mountain goats.


Backpack 45-75 l
Winter boots
Gaiters (we can rent you if you do not own a pair)
3 pairs of thick socks
Polar pants 100 (refers to the thickness of the fleece, there are 100, 200, 300 and 400)
Polar Shirt / Blouse 100
Overcoats + waterproof jacket (preferably with Gore-tex)
2 pairs of gloves,
Windstopper hat / hood
Sunglasses (to protect the eyes against the reflection of sunlight on the snow)
Touring Poles (we can rent you if you do not own a pair)
Head lamp

Optional: jacket / vest, blouse + windstopper pant, penknife.

Your request / Booking: