Wild Sulina Package: 3 days in kayak/canoe -DD7-

Wild Sulina Package: 3 days in kayak/canoe -DD7-


active people who have camped before


any active people interested in outdoors adventures, wildlife, photography and kayaking


in and around Sulina

DAY 1. Whenever you’re arriving we are going to set up camp. We get to know each other and are deciding on the details of our trip.
DAY 2, 3, 4. Kayaking trip. Weather permitting, we go on the sea, lakes and channels, some of them wild. We are paddling in the pace of the less experienced people and take breaks anywhere, anytime. It isn’t an endurance test, it’s a pleasure trip. We will see birds, if you’re passionate about photography, it will suit you. We will camp 2 nights in wild places: sunrise, sunset, swimming in the sea. The campsite is very special. on the fourth evening we come back to Sulina and put our tents up in the base camp.
DAY 5. For those who aren’t leaving early for Tulcea, a cultural tour of the city.

We love to create tours according to your very personal wishes, e.g. exclusivity, you with a private guide; on special routes; with individual combinations.
Tell us what you want and we will make it happen!

Day 1 and 5 are half days (arrival and departure around 12 noon).
This package comes with camping. There are other possible accommodations we can offer in Sulina (not on the wild beach!)  for a bit of extra cost.


5 days, 4 nights


2-6 persons 240€/person
7-9 persons 210€/person

This includes: the kayaks and the accessories, the guide. All food and drink is extra.


Bird watching


You bring the following accessories yourselves: sun hat, sunscreen (we recommend a long-sleeved shirt, long pants as well as cream!), bug spray, rain jacket, headlamp, waterproof bag, camping gear (can be rented from us if needed), food and water.
Optional: camera, binoculars, flip flops or water shoes.