Two nights in the wild -DD5-

Two nights in the wild -DD5-




active people interested in outdoors adventures, kayaking, wildlife, photography


in and around Sulina

DAY 1. We will decide on the details of the tours, then you can go for a walk on the beach or into town to get supplies and settle in…
DAY 2. Kayaking to the wild beach, pitching the tents, collecting firewood and jumping into the Black Sea before starting the bonfire.
DAY 3. We get up early, take photos of the sunrise and the birds at Japsa Fermecata Lake.  At 9-10 am we start our way to the next caping spot.
DAY 4. We hade home, through a beautiful and wild canal, crossing Musura Bay and near the Old Lighthouse.

We love to create tours according to your very personal wishes, e.g. exclusivity, you with a private guide; on special routes; with individual combinations.
Tell us what you want and we will make it happen!

Day 1 and 4 are half days (arrival and departure around 15-16 noon).
This package comes with camping. There are other possible accommodations we can offer for a moderate fee (not included).


4 days, 3 nights


3-6 persons 205€/person, 3 person minimum (or 500 euro)
7-9 persons 190€/person

This includes: boats, paddles, life vests, the guide.
All other accommodation as well as food and drink are extra!


Camping in our nice courtyard (with friendly dogs) and on the wild beach
Paddling in a kayak or canoe for 4-7 hours each day
Walking for a few hours (as desired)


You bring the following accessories yourselves: DAnube delta Permit, sun hat, sunscreen (we recommend a long-sleeved shirt, long pants as well as cream!), bug spray, rain jacket, head lamp, waterproof bag, camping gear (can also be rented from us), enough food and water.
Optional: camera, binoculars, flip flops or water shoes.

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