Into The Wild, kayaking Tulcea-Sulina -DD4-

Into The Wild, kayaking Tulcea-Sulina -DD4-


fairly high


active people interested in outdoors adventures, kayaking, wildlife, photography



DAY 0. We may meet in Tulcea, where you can shop for whatever you need for the tour, including the permit, then get to know the kayaks that are going to carry us through the delta…
DAY 1. We pack everything into the boats and get on the (water)way. In the evening we camp at a local fisherman’s place – he will also prepare a traditional meal for us if we want…
DAY 2. After a hearty breakfast we paddle through some of the wildest parts of the delta, some narrow channels and interconnected lakes, maybe encountering the famous white-tailed eagle, to the village of Mila 23, where we can also camp free nearby.
DAY 3. Opening our eyes to a magnificent sunrise, paddeling to dreamlike Letea, where we have time for an excursion with a horse-drawn carriage to famous Letea Forest and a traditional fish-meal in the village or even a trip to ghost-like Sfishtofca village.
DAY 4. Arriving in Sulina, the old harbour town with its many different faces, making camp in Calin’s base with famous movie doggie ‘George Bush’ and friends Vulpe, Fetitza, Pupi and Blondie…
DAY 5+. Explore Sulina, its magnificent Black Sea beach, the cosmopolit cemetary, the private collector’s museum – and maybe stay longer in this enchanted town…

We love to create tours according to your very personal wishes, e.g. exclusivity, you with a private guide; on special routes; with individual combinations.
Tell us what you want and we will make it happen!


5 days, 5 nights


300€/person 4 persons minimum (or 1200Euro)

This includes: boats, paddles, life vests, the guide – all other expenses are extra: food and drinks, transport back to Tulcea, side trips, the permit…


Kayaking (you are paddling yourselves, yes!)
Free camping
Bird watching
More kayaking… still self paddled


You need to bring: Danube Delta Permit, camping gear (we can also provide that on request), good sunscreen (long sleeves and pants recommended!), sun hat, mosquito spray, rain gear, water sandals, drybag, headlamp. Food and water for 2 days. On the trip you can buy more food and water after 2 days.
Optional: camera, binoculars and other fun instruments…