• An Unforgettable Realm
    Join us on a journey to a place where land meets water, earth meets sky, reality becomes fantasy and where time flows differently, in an ancient, soothing rhythm...
  • Incredible Wildlife
    Birds of all kinds: rare and common, solitary or in huge flocks, in the air, the reeds and on the water, catching fish or water plants. Otter, bisam rat, raccoon dog, jackal, snake, frog, turtle, fish, wild horse, bull, pig and many more share the biggest reed area of the whole world!
  • Living in the Wilderness
    Just pitch a tent, stay in a simple accommodation at our places or even get a more luxurious room in Sulina - we welcome you all to join us in discovering more of this endless and pristine wilderness.

The Delta Beyond the Delta

Our Slow Motion Touring is about coming into contact with hidden aspects of the Danube Delta and ourselves.
All our senses are stimulated towards a more harmonious equilibrium by gentle physical activities like paddling in a kayak or canoe, pedaling on a bicycle or simply walking and swimming.

Watch the movie to see more about us!

danube delta - sulina packages

One Day Kayaking Tour -DD1-

Location: around Sulina, Duration: 3-4 or 5-7 hours

danube delta - sulina packages

Two Day Wild Beach Tour – DD2-

Location: around Sulina, Duration: 2 days, 1 night

danube delta - sulina packages

danube delta - tulcea packages

valea jiului packages

Parâng The White Experience -VJ2-

Location: Petroşani - Parâng Mountains, Duration: 3 Days, 2 Nights.

valea jiului packages

Parâng the NOGravity Experience -VJ1-

Location: Petrosani - Parang Mountains, Duration: 2 days, 1 night

valea jiului packages

Băile Herculane packages

Baile Herculane, off the beaten path… -BH1-

Location: around Baile Herculane, Duration: 4 days, 3 nights

Băile Herculane packages

Timișoara packages

Our personal recommendations


  • We spent two days kayaking and one day biking in the Delta and both Calin and Janine were so friendly and welcoming. They provided us with everything we need and communication prior to arriving was great! It was great to share a love of birds with Calin, and wildlife in general with both of them. It was amazing to see the real Delta, and places you wouldn’t usually see more

    Robin Smith
  • An amazing 10 day tour round the Danube Delta by bike (OK a few bits by boat as well) and proved that it is possible for not particularly fit, fairly old( late 50s) people on ordinary road bikes, to tour the Delta.  We also saw incredible variety of birds; pelicans of course but also bee eaters , herons of many varieties and many more.  Calin is an expert guide, really  see more

    Anna Lipp, UK