Kayaking Tulcea

Kayaking Tulcea


easy to high, depending...



in and around Tulcea and to Sulina

From our brand-new base in Tudor Vladimirescu, just across the Danube from Tulcea (by passenger or car ferry) you can choose your tour options: one day, two, three or four or even the adventurous 5-day tour all the way to the Black Sea coast in Sulina.

Set Dates:
4-day tour August 20-23, 2020
5-day tour to Sulina August 25-29, 2020


1-5 days - or even more!


1-day ‘first encounter’ tours: 50€ per person (with a minimum of 3 participants), plus transport cost back to the base, about 30€ total – for 2 persons, private tour: 150€ total plus transport 30€… please buy your Danube Delta Permit at ARBDD in Tulcea or online www.ddbra.ro!

4-day ‘detaching’ tours to Nea Vasile Campground: 160€ per person (with at least 3 participants), plus about 50€ for other expenses like transport, food and drink, Danube Delta Permit that you get yourself.

5-day ‘adventure’ tours from Tulcea to Sulina through some of the wildest parts of the delta: 200€ per person (4 persons minimum) plus transport back to Tulcea and all other expenses like food and drink, horse carriage into Letea Forest and to Sfishtofca, if wanted, ca. 90€/P… and of course the Danube Delta Permit!




Bird watching

Wildlife Photography

Camping in the Wild


You bring:
Danube Delta permit, good sunscreen besides cream: sun hat, longsleeved shirt and long pants, mosquito spray, water shoes, dry bag, head lamp, food and drink.
Optional: camera, binoculars and any other gadgets that you like…

Camping gear and bikes can be rented from us if necessary, please allow a few days for processing!