Kayaking Tulcea

Kayaking Tulcea


easy to high, depending...



in and around Tulcea and to Sulina

From our base in Tudor Vladimirescu, just across the Danube from Tulcea (by passenger or car ferry) you can choose your tour options: one day, two, three or four or even the adventurous 5-7-day tour all the way to the Black Sea coast in Sulina.


1-5 days - or even more!


1-day ‘first encounter’ tours: 50€ per person (with a minimum of 3 participants), plus transport cost back to the base, about 30€ total – for 2 persons, private tour: 150€ total plus transport 30€… please buy your Danube Delta Permit at ARBDD in Tulcea or online www.ddbra.ro!

4-day ‘detaching’ tours to Nea Vasile Campground: 160€ per person (with at least 3 participants), plus about 50€ for other expenses like transport, food and drink, Danube Delta Permit that you get yourself.

5-7-day ‘adventure’ tours from Tulcea to Sulina through some of the wildest parts of the delta: 200€ per person (4 persons minimum) plus transport back to Tulcea and all other expenses like food and drink, horse carriage into Letea Forest and to Sfishtofca, if wanted, ca. 90€/P… and of course the Danube Delta Permit!




Bird watching

Wildlife Photography

Camping in the Wild


You bring:
Danube Delta permit, good sunscreen besides cream: sun hat, longsleeved shirt and long pants, mosquito spray, water shoes, dry bag, head lamp, food and drink.
Optional: camera, binoculars and any other gadgets that you like…

Camping gear and bikes can be rented from us if necessary, please allow a few days for processing!