The Grand Tour: All Around The Danube Delta – By Bicycle! -DD10-

The Grand Tour: All Around The Danube Delta – By Bicycle! -DD10-


moderate to high


Bike touring aficionados or people used to other endurance sports


Tulcea-Chilia Veche-Sulina-Sf. Gheorghe-Gura Portitei-Vadu-Jurilovca-Tulcea

In 10 days and 9 nights around all of the Danube Delta, 420 km (350 km of biking and about 70 km boat transfers).
DAY 1 About 12 noon we start at the faleza in Tulcea (the river promenade in front of the Hotel Delta), crossing the mighty Danube by watertaxi. Cycling to Pardina on a rocky road and picturesque dams (25 km).  Staying at a local private guesthouse (or camping in the yard).
DAY 2 From Pardina a nice ride to Chilia Veche of about 40 km on a rural road, then we take the public ferry to Periprava.
DAY 3 Periprava to Sulina on sandy roads with a stop in the strictly protected fabulous Letea forest, Via C.A. Rosetti – with its magnificient church – and Cardon to Sulina, adventurous watertaxi across the Sulina branch of the Danube (about 42 km).
DAY 4 A laid-back day spent in Sulina kayaking, sightseeing, and maybe going to the Black Sea beach.
DAY 5 Another rocky and sandy road to Sf. Gheorghe and the southernmost branch of the Danube (40 km).
DAY 6 From Sf. Gheorghe village we take a local boat through different channels to a wild beach from where we ride and push our bikes 30 km along the sea shore to Gura Portitei where lagoon meets sea.
DAY 7 Half day hiking excursion to a Kormoran colony, rest of the day lounging on the beach.
DAY 8 From Gura Portitei to Periboina along the wild beach, to Edighiol and Vadu on a small rural road (about 40 km).
DAY 9 Vadu- Jurilovca (72 km on a local concrete road).
DAY 10 Jurilovca – Tulcea (55 km on another concrete road), arriving in Tulcea between 1-2 pm.

It is an unassisted endurance tour, where, although we are a team, everyone needs to carry their own equipment and has to be able to take care of themselves. Camping or taking rooms are a possible mode of doing this…
We may have to change routes  if the weather or other circumstances force us to.

We love to create tours according to your very personal wishes, e.g. exclusivity, you with a private guide; on special routes; with individual combinations.
Tell us what you want and we will make it happen!
moderate to high

May, 2020, 4 persons minimum


490€/person, 4 persons minimum

This includes: Water taxis in Tulcea, Chilia and Sulina, a homemade fish soup, kayaking in Sulina, a T-Shirt, the guides.

NOT INCLUDED: all food, drink and lodging (only wild camping is free!), the boat from Sf. Gheorghe to the wild beach (about 30€/person).


Biking: days 1-3, 5-6, 8-10
Kayaking: day 4
Hiking and bird watching: day 7


Bike in good shape (no mechanics en route!)
Personal belongings in adequate bike bags: sun screen and hat (we recommend a long-sleeved light shirt and pants that go over the knees), rain gear, mosquito repellent, head lamp, water bottle, energizing supplement, inner tubes and tools, pump.
Tent and gear if camping. The Danube Delta Permit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since this is an unassisted tour, everybody needs to be able to take care of themselves as well as their bikes. At the same time we are a group and help each other if necessary – nobody will be left behind!
Snacks can be bought on the way every day and in the evening there usually is the possibility of getting a hot meal.