Two-Day Wilderness Bicycle Tour -DD6-

Two-Day Wilderness Bicycle Tour -DD6-




active people interested in culture, wildlife, biking, self improvement, photography


Sulina-Leatea and back

DAY 1. We will start on the faleza (river promenade) in Sulina, cross over the mighty Danube in a small and quite adventurous open water-taxi with our bikes to follow the so-called road to Cardon, C.A.Rosetti and Letea. It’is not a long-distance, but a challenging trip – the so-called road consists of big and rough stones, dirt and holes, nobody in their clear mind would choose it for a leisurely trip, but we do – since it’s there, we can and we enjoy showing challenges exactly like this to our friends and clients!
We’ll take a much-needed break in C.A.Rosetti with its incredibly huge orthodox church, at the only store, for refreshments, then another 5 gruelling km to Letea, where we will get the most delightful fish (or vegetarian) meal ever at a local family, whose members also take us into fabled Letea-Forest in a horse-drawn cart afterwards, to amble around in there and discover its ancient secrets…
There will be some time to just amble around the small settlement after having ‘checked in’ at the private place we are spending the night, maybe for a drink at the local store, sight-seeing or a bath in one of the canals.
DAY 2. After a hearty breakfast we start on this day’s bike-tour along a canal, if possible (depending on water levels!) to see wild animals taking turns at having fun in the water a few km away. Then getting back on the bumpy road after a break in the shade with a cool drink or ice cream at C.A.Rosetti- it’s interesting how it always seems shorter going back to Sulina – luckily!

We love to create tours according to your very personal wishes, e.g. exclusivity, you with a private guide; on special routes; with individual combinations.

Tell us what you want and we will make it happen!

We will need to start at 9am on day 1 to make the whole trip, coming back at 4-6pm the next day (early enough for you to take a fast boat back to Tulcea in the summer season, if wanted).


2 days, 1 night


2-4 persons 120€/person
5-8 persons 100€/person
if you are a bigger group or a single person, please contact Janine for details!

This includes: the guide, the traditional fish (or vegetable) meal in Letea, the horse-driven carriage to Letea Forest, sleeping at a private place in a bedroom with double occupancy, a hearty breakfast.
All other accommodation (e.g. single room), bike, food and drink are extra!


Experiencing a rural outlying village of the Danube Delta in an unusual way…


You bring the following accessories yourselves: DAnube Delta Permit, sun hat, sunscreen (we recommend a long-sleeved shirt, long pants as well as cream!), bug spray, rain jacket, head lamp, food and water for the trip.
Optional: camera, binoculars, flip flops or water shoes, waterproof bag or whatever else you deem necessary!