Bucharest-Tulcea-Sulina Transfer

Bucharest-Tulcea-Sulina Transfer


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Bucharest-Tulcea-Sulina-and back...

Train from Bucharest Gara de Nord to Tulcea and back once or twice daily: www.cfrcalatori.ro – an interesting slow ride of 5-6 hours with great views! (about 60-90 Lei, the earlier you book online, the cheaper…)

A microbus runs a few times a day from Bucharest to Tulcea: phone +40 743 334 840 (only in Romanian!)
https://augustina.autogari.ro/Transport/Tulcea-Bucuresti, 4,5 hours (90 Lei)

From Otopeni, Bucharest International Airport, there are different bus services several times a day directly to Tulcea (and back, of course!), travel time 4,5 hrs: www.kirvad.ro; www.tulcea-otopeni.ro, +40 737 473 446 (about 100 Lei one way, book ahead online!)

The big ferry leaves from Sulina at 7.00 am daily in the summer months; except Wednesdays and Saturdays the rest of the year.
From Tulcea at 1.30 pm daily (except Tuesdays and Sundays out of summer season).
No reservations or bookings possible, tickets are sold only at the booth before departure at about 50 Lei for tourists.
Always visit the website for further information or eventual changes.
www.navromdelta.ro                                           TEL : +40 240 519 008; +40 240 511 553

Fast boat Diana, 70 seats. from Sulina at 06.50/11.30 daily in summer. From Tulcea at 13.00.
TEL: +40 720 303 893; +40 737 259 337.
Call one day before for booking – in summer only!

Water Taxis:  small boats, under 20 seats. Call for booking and to find out the timetables. In the high season there are more than 10 charters every day, 1,5hrs (about 60 Lei)
www.sulinatrans.ro                           TEL: +40 748369173
www.plajasulina.ro                           TEL: +40 731.511.000
www.excursii-delta-dunarii.ro       TEL: +40 752 917 592
www.ecodeltatrip.ro                         TEL: +40 742529011
Nautica Sulina                                   TEL: +40 747 976 427
Fly boat delta                                     TEL: +40 757 888 787
Sulina Danube Trip                          TEL: +40 737 224 050

the easiest




transfer (except for those who come by private boat or by bike from Sf. Gheorghe or Periprava…)